EgisData is making encryption easy.

Now You Can Protect Your Data Using Our Product, Encryption As A Service (Eaas), Without Need Of Hiring Cryptographers.

Access To Your Data And Keys Are Controlled By Attribute Based Access Control Engine (ABAC) With The Newly Invented Business Language For Policies; Epsilon.

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What we do

  • We build technology that enables Enterprises of all sizes to protect their information.
  • Our platform enables cryptography for non-cryptographers and accelerates development of secured applications.

Our Team

  • Our team is comprised of compassionate engineers and seasoned technology executives.
  • Our combined experience exceeds decades of advanced engineering spanning cryptography, authentication, authorization, blockchain technologies, and distributed computing.
  • We are experienced in the challenges that face both small companies and large enterprises.
  • Our team has successfully completed projects in the financial and banking sectors, as well as the eCommerce, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and software industries.

Our Products

EgisData for Blockchain

The fundamental challenge for successful blockchain deployment is to ensure secured Private Key management and fine-grained access control for protected resources.

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EgisData for Finance

Financial and Insurance industries use antiquated systems to manage encryption and authorization to protected resources. Complex business rules are spread across applications' layers, which are difficult to maintain and audit.

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EgisData for Healthcare

Patients, doctors, administrators, and medical facilities struggle with securing private information and the complexity of sharing of privileged information between all parties.

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EgisData for CRM

CRMs mostly mitigate data privacy by Role Based Access Control (RBAC) methods. For secured and seamless interaction with customers, Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) is essential.

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