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How does EgisData for CRM work ?

Management of Data Privacy and Confidentiality.

CRM systems store private and confidential information about employees and customers in their databases. EgisData provides a set of APIs which developers can use for encrypting and decrypting data. Such APIs would be called prior to the data being saved into a CRM’s database. The integration is easy, as it is done through RESTful secure API.
Alternatively, users can use the EgisData application web interface to encrypt and decrypt text records subsequently entered to the CRM. EgisData stores reversed indexes for the encrypted records. For example: if a record contains a First and Last name, the mapped index for the record is saved and the user can access the index for the record is saved and the user can access the record encryption Key by searching First and Last name. Mapped indexes do not carry information about the record and no private or confidential data can be derived from the map index file. Additionally, access to the corresponding encryption Key is guarded by the EgisData policy engine.Only authorized users can access the Key for the encrypted record. Policies and access logs can be audited by compliance departments or authorized users.

Building a secure and seamless experience for Consumers (CIAM).

A novel model for Consumer Identity Management (CIAM) needs to be scalable and employ Attribute-Based Access Control. The online journey often takes customers through various internal systems managed by different authorizations polices and incompatible technologies. To address security issues with integration of multiple environments, organizations began to adopt a Zero Trust Security model, where all users, machines, and processes can access an array of computing resources like: devices, functions, networks, and others, only upon successful verification. Two fundamental components in making an operational Zero Trust Security environment, are Digital Identities Management and Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC).
EgisData integrates secure and scalable Key Vault with EgisABAC,a NIST-compliant ABAC policy engine, which manages and executes policies associated with Digital Identities and available resources.
The integration of Key Vault and EgisABAC makes solution scalable and easy to deploy in any Enterprise-sized setting. Quick integration means a secure and seamless experience for Customers at a fraction of the cost offered by our competitors.

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