"OpenZeppelin partners with EgisData to offer new Key Management solutions."

"OpenZeppelin has entered into a partnership agreement with EgisData, a Startup company based in NY, which provides secure management for private keys along with a NIST-compliant ABAC policy engine.

Both integrated solutions will provide additional building blocks to an array of tools offered by OpenZeppelin, enabling customers to build secure and efficient Smart Contracts."

"EgisData provides a perfect complement to Next-gen cybersecurity by Indelible. "

"Indelible has announced a partnership with NY startup EgisData, developing solutions to provide Encryption as a Service. These solutions provide secure management for private keys using a NIST-compliant ABAC policy engine.

"EgisData & Unbound Partner to Advance Cryptography for Customers "

Unbound Tech’s comprehensive cryptographic key protection for enterprise will now be bundled with EgisData to advance blockchain security and authentication. Together, the tech companies provide key protection of information and assets using multi-party computation (MPC) for mid-market and enterprise businesses. EgisData is leveraging Unbound Tech’s UKC and CoT technologies to enhance their cryptographic solutions portfolio. (More information about EgisData’s solutions here .)

"EgisData Joins Forces with USAM Group"

EgisData has partnered with global fintech sales and marketing powerhouse USAM Group to help drive adoption of its innovative Encryption-as-a-Service, which democratizes private key management for financial institutions of all sizes.